Love the world, love to travel

I spent the last week in Asia. 50 hours of travel roundtrip, six amazing days filled with new experiences and discoveries.

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. My godmother splits her time between Hong Kong and Geneva, and most of the time I envy her (although that flight twice a month might get old). Lane Crawford stores. Joyce Beauty boutiques (where I would love to see my products on the shelf). Mandarin Oriental headquarters and hospitality. Mountainous peaks in the middle of water. What is there not to love?

Next stop: mainland China via ferry. The ferry dropped me off in Shunde. There, I enjoyed a traditional Chinese dinner, complete with rice wine and the speeches that go with it. Amazing cultural learning experience. There, I toured the Double Dragon factory, which creates incredible spa beds for Touch America. For those of you who have had the opportunity to experience an Alchimie Forever facial in our Georgetown showroom, you have experienced their exquisite spa beds. The people, the environmental standards, the quality controls, gave me a new understanding of the “Made in China” label. And for those of you wondering, “Made in China” does not mean cheap. That spa bed may be the most expensive thing in our showroom!

From China to Singapore. This is my second time visiting one of the world’s three remaining City States. And for the second time, I truly believe that all of the world’s cranes are in Singapore. The construction there is mind boggling. Since I was there last June, three new shopping malls have opened, which is great news for Alchimie Forever. We are now in the two Sephora stores in Singapore: the one in Ngee Ann City, and the one in the newly opened ION Orchard (see photos below). You can walk from one to the next, but apparently the beauty consumer isn’t the same and there is no cannibalization. In the former store, she is young and in Singapore for travel. In the latter, she is an expat, a local, slightly older and more sophisticated. Alchimie Forever is doing great in both stores (best sellers in both are our age defying Diode 1 + Diode 2 serums and brightening moisture Kantic mask!

Finally, from Singapore to Indonesia. New country, new stamp in my passport. Somehow that makes me happy. Or maybe it is the memories of Nikoi island. If you are wondering about it, Google it. Or even better, find a reason to visit.

Travel isn’t always glamorous (15 hour flights in coach with no individual movie screens come to mind, as do lost luggage, snow delays and reroutings). But then again, sometimes it is.

With love, and dreams of returning to Asia,


PS – if you are wondering about my travel tips and beauty routines, stay tuned for Part 2…

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