Ada's travel beauty tips

If you know anything about me, you know that I travel a lot. I love to travel, I travel for work, and for business. Some of you have been asking me about my travel beauty tips. So here goes.

Typically, the day before I get on a plane, I will apply our Kantic Mask. It helps to nourish my skin (airplane air is so dehydrating), and gives me a nice glow – i.e. makes me look like I travel less than I do.

While I typically use our Yttrium protective day cream and Kantic calming evening cream, while travelling, I will pack our Kantic+ intensely nourishing cream. That means I only have one moisturizer to fit in my travel bag, and, again, the thicker texture combats airplane air. In my purse, I always carry a tube of our Superpulse rejuvenating eye contour balm. I sometimes even use it on my entire face (note that our eye cream and all three of our moisturizers are ok to take on carry-ons). Lastly, Herban Essentials lavender towlettes help me feel fresh even after a 6 hour flight). That’s my product habits – but travel beauty tips go much farther than product.

A soft pashmina (color will vary based on the mood of the day), helps me stay warm as I am always cold on the plane or train, and can even double as a pillow. And I have a fabulous silk pink eye mask that helps me sleep (in transit all I do is sleep, catch up on my reading, or think – but mostly sleep!).

A key to enjoyable travel is to get to the airport with extra time – in the last two months I have made both rookie mistakes of booking a return flight from Singapore on the wrong day, and going through security to the wrong gate. Both times, I was able to keep my cool because I had just enough extra time.

I always buy a bottle of water before getting on the plane (after security obviously), and usually I will have a glass of white wine. I know alcohol is dehydrating, but still, a glass of Chardonnay just makes any trip more enjoyable (this is another nice benefit of giving yourself extra time at the airport or train station). And on a good travel day, I remember to pack a banana or some raw almonds to tide me over during a trip.

When travelling across time zones, I have a funny habit of never changing my watch. It is always on DC time, no matter where I am. Again, most travel advice suggests switching your watch to the local time as soon as you land, but keeping it on DC time keeps me connected to the office.

Finally, I am a die hard loyalist when it comes to airlines and hotel chains. I love US Air (and they love me back!), and I love the Hampton Inn (I even had to videotape my favorite Hampton Inn room that I have ever stayed in!).

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