Summer beauty tips

Last night, in our Georgetown showroom, we hosted lovely group of people from the Harvard Club of DC – all alumni of my alma mater who live in the DC region. The goal: networking, enjoying delicious wine and treats, and to discuss summer beauty tips.
Summer… = sun, heat, humidity, “smaller” clothes…
So here goes:

  • Open toe shoes = feet are more visible. Don’t skip that pedicure, and in between your visits to your favorite nail salon, use our 532nm antioxidant relief for hands and feet.
  • In hot and humid weather, your skin loses less of its moisture and needs less hydration. Switch to a lighter moisturizer. Our Yttrium protective day cream is perfect.
  • Ironically, however, in hot and humid weather, we sweat more, and so our body needs more hydration. Remember to drink a lot of water (says me, who often drinks 8 cups of coffee and then finishes the day with a glass of wine…)
  • In hot and humid weather, my hair looks like a mess. Hence my summer hair day go to trick, a loose bun. Then the messy look looks like it is done on purpose – and it stays off my shoulders and keeps me cooler.
  • I just came back from a week in Greece, and while I have a bit of color on my skin, I am not really tanned. Indeed, a similarly sun-paranoid girlfriend with whom I had lunch today told me I was the only person other than her who would spend a week in the sun and not come back tanned. Well, a week on a Greek island yes, but with 50+ sunscreen and always in the shade under an umbrella. Summer = sunscreen is mandatory. No exceptions.
  • And lastly, in summer, I like a little more color… brighter lipstick (pinks, corals, reds) is a must.
Enjoy the summer, stay cool, stay beautiful!

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