Happy Swiss National Day

Today is August 1st, a special day for the Swiss around the world – it is Switzerland’s National Day. To celebrate, I will have a (small) piece of my favorite Swiss chocolate, Frigor. Indeed, I am Swiss, and so are my skin care products Alchimie Forever.
I am proud that we are 100% Swiss-made. So many beauty lines imply that they are Swiss – Swiss concept, Swiss formula, and more. You then read the fine print and the products are manufactured in China and the company has no distribution in Switzerland. At Alchimie Forever, we are Swiss, however you look at it:

– Our products are 100% manufactured in Switzerland, as proven by the SwissCos logo on our boxes
– Our products are formulated in Switzerland
– Our products grew out of Forever Laser Institut, located in Geneva, Switzerland
– I was born in Geneva, and still have a Swiss passport (and my family still lives there)

Maintaining our manufacturing in the Geneva area is more expensive than moving it to the US, or to Asia. But it also enables us to more actively be involved in the manufacturing process, and to better monitor quality. And exceptional quality is one of our brand promises. After all, that is one of the things being Swiss-made stands for, right? Quality, natural ingredients, pure water from the mountains, high-tech manufacturing… and of course, watches, cheese, and chocolate…

On that note, I am going to go find that piece of chocolate I have been dreaming about.

Happy Swiss National Day!

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