New year's goals

It is about mid-day January 5th, and I feel a bit behind already – the start of 2011 has been amazingly fun, but not as productive as usual. Case in point, I just wrote down my personal 2011 goals. (The business ones were taken care of the last week of December at least). I like to write them on the first page of my planner (yes, I still like paper planners), so that I can take a look at them on a regular basis and make sure I am making appropriate progress. I can’t help myself but do this every January… it must be because growing up, when I still spent New Year’s Eve dinner with my parents and sisters, we each had to take turns and say what we accomplished over the past year, and list our goals for the coming year.
 This year, I have ten. Seven are really about personal development, and two are about professional development. Here they are, in no particular order.
–          Learn to be a good wife (advice, anyone?)
–          Continue to read more (this was one of my 2010 goals, which I reached; and loved the process, so I am keeping it on my goals list).
–          Work on my own book project.
–          Build my art collection (this makes my world more beautiful)
–          Develop a better morning routine (current one – when I am in DC – starts at 5 am and involves checking Crackberry before I am out of bed and rushing to office before even having coffee; not very zen; must work on this)
–          Do more yoga (for peace of mind and tightness of body)
–          Drink more water (must stop counting coffee and wine as hydration… especially if more yoga is to be done)
–          Unsubscribe to email newsletters I don’t read (this, for me, will be much harder than it sounds… I might miss something)
–          Professional development: work more “on” my business and less “in” my business (Thank you Anne-Day for reminding me of this)
–          Professional development: as much as I hate to admit this (Jenny I hope you’re not reading this), I need to look at my financial statements more often and more closely.

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  1. Hi Ada, so happy for you and Edwin! In regards to being a good wife…be prepared to say you are sorry (even when you are not!)

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