My 12 must-haves

It has been almost three weeks since my last blog entry, please forgive my silence. I have been lacking in both time and inspiration, and the winter weather is apparently taking its toll on my creativity. A number of months ago (11.12.10 to be exact… where does the time go?) my girlfriend Noelle suggested I blog about my “must-haves.” She got the idea from the “12 must-haves” monthly feature in Elle Décor. Love love love the idea – so here are my 12 must-haves (right now, this list is forever evolving…):

1.       Essie Merino Cool nail color (yes, it’s from the fall, but I just adore it)
2.       My new purple suede gloves bought at the Plaza Hotel Boutique last week. If I am going to wear gloves, they can’t be boring.
3.       My 532nm antioxidant relief for hands and feet. Keeps my toes soft, and my manicures fresh. And protects my skin from this crazy winter weather.
4.       My Blackberry Bold. This one should probably be at the top of my list, it is my lifeline, it keeps me connected to people and things that matter to me.
5.      Betjeman & Barton lapsang souchong tea. This is my absolute favorite, it tastes smoky yet sweet with milk and sweetener. (Yes, am trying to cut down on coffee)
6.       My new-ish Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera. It now never leaves my purse (except when I take it out to use it of course).
7.       Two NARS lip pencils for some color. I have used these for 5+ years, love them separately, love to layer them. The best bright red (Dragon Girl) with the best sweet pink (Sex Kitten).
8.       The latest issue of INC. Magazine. My favorite business magazine.
9.       The latest issue of Vanity Fair. My favorite non-business magazine (although they have great business articles, including one about Warren Buffet in the most recent issue).
10.   My purple ipod. Favorite tunes currently include Florence & The Machine, Citizen Cope, Goldfrapp.
11.   Raw almonds. In mini Ziploc bags. In my purse. Always. Healthy, travel-friendly, the perfect emergency snack.
12.   My wedding band. Haven’t taken it off since 1.1.11. Can’t imagine I ever will.

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