If you know anything about me, you now that I have many girlfriends. I love them all, they all bring so many varied and invaluable positive influences in my life. I have written about or previously mentioned my best fashion-inspiration girlfriends, Kassie Rempel of Simply Soles, Jen Donohue of Treat, and Betsy Fisher of, well.. Betsy Fisher.

Tonight, I want to tell you about two others. They are fashion-inspirations, but the type of fashion that, well, you don’t see. Two of my BFFs know my exact bust size. Not for any other reason (you may be thinking…) than the fact that they are lingerie boutique owners. Two of my very best BFFs have fitted me for a bra. Two friends that many of us would not speak about , let alone write about because, well, because they own lingerie boutiques, and we all love to leave their stores with plain, white, no-logo bags and pretend it is our lunch that we are taking back to the office.

I had cocktails at Central with one of them tonight, she who is the inspiration for this blog. She is French. Yes, that means a lot in the lingerie world. French as in “French women don’t get fat.” As in “French women love the way their breasts look naked.” As in “French women have more… fun.” She is Valerie Lucas, she owns Coup De Foudre, 1001 Penn Ave NW. Pronounced Coop-duh-Foodruh (I think that is the phonetic spelling). I am not afraid to admit that many of my under-things come from her store. I love her brands, all European, my favorite currently being the Marie Jo bra, a little number that comes in three colors with each one bra really being three bras in one (the straps are like magic). I won’t go so far as telling you which colors I own, but let’s just say it’s more than one. And by the way, not that you would wonder about this, but the picture below is not of me. Valerie reminds me of the key tenets of life, including “wear clean underwear every day just in case you get hit by a truck” (as said my grandmother), and “wear sexy underwear just for yourself, because you know it and it will make you feel good all day” (as says my mother).

My other lingerie BFF is Abby Fisher, of Sisters 3 in Clarendon. To her, I owe my American under-things preferences. While I am a European at heart, the American concept of comfort and loungewear has rubbed off on me (after all, I have been here for 16+ years). Blue Knit Pajamas are to die for. They feel great on the skin, and look great on the floor.

What do your under-things look like? Feel like? Do they make you look fabulous and feel special when you put them on? After all, that is what they are meant to do…

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