BeautyView: Jani Friedman, Managing Director, Demeter Group

I am a firm believer in networking, although I am not a fan of the word. I think of it more as building and fostering relationships, connecting people, and expanding my circle of friends. Jani is a perfect example of that. I introduced myself to her after seeing her present at a WWD retail conference a number of years ago. Since then, we meet whenever our hectic schedules allow, usually in San Francisco and always with her dog Chloé. Beyond being industry peers, beyond being Harvard alumni (did you see The Crimson Guard article in the recent issue of WWD Beauty Inc?), we are now friends; and that is the true purpose of networking.

AP: What city were you born in? JF: Neillsville, WI.

AP: What city to do you live in? JF: San Francisco, CA.

AP: What is your middle name? JF: Marie.

AP: What is your astrological sign? JF: Gemini.

AP: What is your favorite thing about the beauty industry? JF: Brainstorming about new products and then watching them come to life.

AP: Least favorite thing? JF: Telemarketers (if you mean in life) or, What’s not to love? (if you mean ‘about the beauty industry”).

AP: What is your most prized possession? JF: Chloé Lucia, my Miki pup.

AP: What is something about you most people don’t know? JF: I was on Family Feud when I was about 17 years old. Embarrassing!

AP: Do you wear a watch? If yes, what model?  JF: A watch is not necessary since I’m staring at my computer or phone all day which conveniently reminds me that time is ticking by.

AP: Diamonds or pearls? JF: Pearls.

AP: If you could have dinner with the person of your choice, who would it be? JF: The Pope.

AP: What is your secret to work/life balance? JF: Having Chloé in the office everyday – she’s the glue that holds us all together.

AP: What are your three top tips for travel? JF: 1. Get a Global Entry card to speed through Immigration and Customs. 2. Bring someone you love on all trips. 3. Wear flats and cashmere.

AP: What is your favorite book? JF: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

AP: What is your cocktail of choice? JF: Malbec.

AP: What is your #1 beauty secret? JF: Smile, even when it’s hard.

AP: What fragrance do you wear? JF: Fresh, Memoire Liquide, and Diptyque’s Philosykos.

AP: Botox or not? JF: Not yet, but I am strongly considering a few needed shots.

AP: Hair color: natural or not? JF: I couldn’t live without my colorist John Yaskevich.

AP: 3 songs on your ipod right now. JF: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, Beast of Burden by Rolling Stones, Say it Right by Nelly Furtado.

AP: Quote to live by. JF: “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door” by Coco Chanel.

AP: Who is your mentor? JF: My Dad.

AP: Words of advice for young women starting their careers today. JF: Don’t act, feel, or think you’re entitled. Take on any project where you have to think or work hard; it will get noticed. An analogy that I like is operating a submarine (not that I’ve had the pleasure yet). Go 44 knots (really fast) through the sea in the direction of your target, but make sure to utilize your periscope often to ensure you are aware of your environment, people, and any oncoming hazards. Destroy anything negative in your way. Reach your target and celebrate!

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