My blog needs a name, and I need your help…

A very smart friend of mine brought to my attention recently the fact that most blogs have a name. (And some of these names are really great: Politics of PrettyCupcakes and CashmereIf the Lipsticks Could Talk. So much creativity…) It occurred to me that if I was going to be serious about my blog (which focuses on beauty, skin care, entrepreneurship, small business, and sometimes football or champagne), I needed to name it. I reached out to my colleagues, partners, and to some of my most creative friends for suggestions, and we have narrowed it down to 19 possibilities. Please help me choose and let me know which name you prefer (in the comments section below). Even better, if you have a 20th suggestion, I can’t wait to hear it!

Alchimie-related names

The Alchemist


Forever Beauty

Ada the Alchemist


Ada/Polla-related names

Ada Forever

Ada’s Alchimie

Alchimie by Ada


Polla Pretty

Adamant About Beauty



The Ada-vantage

The Beauty Pollatician


Beauty-related names

Beauty and Business


Beauty secrets


Swiss-related names


Swiss Made

23 thoughts on “My blog needs a name, and I need your help…

  1. My vote is for The Alchemist 🙂 I think it ties your brand to your blog and vice versa. You want a title/name that is easy to remember and won’t be confusing. I think it pays a nice homage to Alchimie Forever and the brains behind the beauty 🙂 xoxo

  2. Ada,
    I like :
    the alchemist
    ada’s alchimie
    polla pretty
    I also suggest :
    the pretty alchemist
    my beauty secrets
    Hope it helps…

  3. You may think about some combinations between ada – adage – Ad’age… In french adage means a proverb, an old wise saiying 🙂
    For example:
    Beauty & Business ADAge

  4. I like “Kantic Beauty” because no other beauty blog would be named similar. It sets you apart, and refers to part of your brand name which is good. But even better maybe, I would turn “Beauty and Business” into “The Beauty and the Business” (it sounds better to me, and it’s really you Ada, you represent the two!)

  5. I like the Alchemist and KanticBeauty. But will the name “Kantic” still be in the line if some of the laser names change? Decisions, decisions!

    1. Thank you Denise! I know… so many decisions. While we are “getting rid” of our “laser names”, we are keeping “Kantic” (for creams and mask), as it is my father’s favorite! xo

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