Spring has sprung… healthy living tips

The long anticipated spring has finally arrived, and my heart is singing right along the chirping birds. Spring means two things for me: first, closet cleaning, which I wrote about for The Georgetown Dish today. Second, healthy living. While healthy living is truly something to do year-round (some might say the same about closet cleaning actually), the promise of summer dresses, shorter skirts, and bikinis is highly motivating and always encourages me to look at my diet, exercise, and beauty routine.

Here are some small tweaks I am making to make sure I am ready for my summer wardrobe and looking and feeling my best… my favorite healthy living tips.

  1. More water replaces less water. Drinking more water is a constant struggle for me, and I trick myself with adding lemon, EmergenC, or drinking sparkling water. Still, this is the time to double down on those efforts. Luckily, as the temperatures rise, my body naturally craves more.
  2. White wine spritzers replace white (or red) wine. It’s still a full glass, tastes just as good but even fresher, and has half the calories and alcohol.
  3. Vegetables first. Always start your meal with a salad or add a side of vegetables to your entrée instead of fries or pasta. My favorite diet tip is the 7 words often repeated by Michael Pollan:  “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
  4. No salad dressing – ever. Just olive oil and vinegar on the side. It is amazing how much sugar and how many calories are in premade salad dressing.
  5. Warmer weather (and lighter mornings) means I get to spend more time outside. Walking, running, strolling… Every moment spent outside is good for my figure, and for my soul.
  6. Warmer weather means a lighter moisturizer, one with antioxidants and SPF of course. Alchimie Forever Daily Defense SPF 23 does the trick without leaving me feeling greasy, oily, or ashy.
  7. Open toe shoes means perfectly pedicured toes. SpaRitual’s Wilderness shade from the Explore collection is my current go-to. And a drop of Cuti-Cocktail on every finger and toe every evening makes both manicures and pedicures last longer.
  8. While many women will take advantage of spring to cut their hair or go blonder, I am not touching my natural color and going for length… Instead, I will update my routine by treating myself to more regular blowouts. One blowout for every 12 miles I run is my current reward system…

What are you doing to update or upgrade your healthy living routing this spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung… healthy living tips

  1. Also drinking more water and walking / running more often now that the weather is conducive. I have a treadmill, but who wants to run inside when it’s so beautiful outdoors?

    Also, if you like the taste of mint, you can add a drop of peppermint or spearmint essential oil to your water. It’s also great for soothing an upset stomach.

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