I feel naked without VoMor!

Almost a month ago to the day, I had VoMor hair extensions put in, as part of research for a work-related project. While I was less than thrilled at the idea of having another person’s hair in my head, I learned a lot from that experience, which I expected. As it turns out, I actually loved having the extensions in, which I far from expected.

First, I got more random compliments on my look this past month than ever before. People did not comment on how good my hair looked. They did not ask where I got my hair extensions put in, or even if I had hair extensions. People just said nice things such as “You look really good today.” Maybe I looked better because I felt more beautiful than usual.

Second, I did not feel the extensions at all. They didn’t itch, they didn’t snag, they didn’t feel like anything really – other than I was much hotter (in the temperature sense of the word) than before. Apparently, hair does keep you warm.

Third, they were much less high-maintenance than I had expected, or had been warned they would be. I only made two changes to my daily hair routine: to run, I had to trade my high ponytail for two braids; and I did blow dry my hair after each shampoo (but the low maintenance way, without a round brush, just using my fingers).

Yesterday, a week before I head to Greece to the salty sea (which can be damaging to hair extensions), I had the fabulous Scott Messina from Paris Parker remove them. As scared as I was to have him put them in, I was even more concerned about having him take them out. What if I really don’t look good with “just” my natural hair?

Scott had warned me: “You will get addicted to them.” And I did. I feel naked without them. I miss “my” hair. In the fall, after a summer of sea, river, and pool, I will be back for more. Who knew?!

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  1. Awe Ada. I’m glad you changed your mind about the extensions. I will have them ready for you when you are ready. It’s always a pleasure doing your hair and talking with you.

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