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How Ada Stays Healthy, Happy and Sane – Part 1 of 3

Other than perfecting my morning and evening routine—the parentheses that surround each of my days—there are a few other strategies I use to make sure I stay sane, well-groomed, happy, and healthy despite my frequent travels, early mornings, and various responsibilities.


– I have an accountability group with which I meet weekly (and by meet I mean by phone). My accountability partners help me stay on track in terms of what my priorities are each week, encourage me when I need a pep talk, and help me re-focus when I am not doing what I should be doing.

– I have a weekly gameplan / to-do list which keeps me focused. I look at it a few times per day to make sure I am working on the things I should be working on.

– I track my time. I started doing this in January of this year, again, to make sure I am spending time on the right things. The app ATracker Pro makes it easy. Once a week I look at my “time pie chart” and make sure that I am spending time on the right things at work (team and sales, primarily), enough time with my family, and enough time sleeping. Just the fact of tracking my time makes me behave more productively.

– I love Evernote, and keep notes in this app on everything ranging from gifts to give to team goals and marketing ideas. It is with me everywhere, on the go or at my desk, and the shared function makes communication with my team and my husband seamless.

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7 thoughts on “How Ada Stays Healthy, Happy and Sane – Part 1 of 3

  1. Thank you Lynn! Miss you and hope our paths will cross again. Wanda – regarding the accountability group, it grew organically. We are all 4 women entrepreneurs, in different industries, with different personalities. We met and got to know each other as friends, and then slowly added this additional dimension. Does that help? xo Ada

  2. Hi Ada!
    I love your idea of an accountability group. How did you go about selecting your group? Does each person resonate with you in a different area of your life?

  3. Ada,
    I’m very impressed to see that you completed a cleanse. Awesome!! I hope life is treating you well.. Take care and stay in touch..


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