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How Ada Stays Healthy, Happy and Sane – Part 3 of 3

As the last part of this series, I outlined the strategies I use to organize my sanity and creativity, ranging from healthy time alone during my travels to swimming outside.

– I love people and I am blessed with an amazing family and fabulous friends; however, I recharge my energy by being alone. And so I make sure that I spend time alone.

– I have my best ideas while staring out of the window of airplanes, looking at the clouds. So traveling is actually a blessing and not a curse for me. Sometimes for longer flights I make a list of various things to “think about.”

– I read. Magazines, trade, national, business (I always travel with a huge stack and give them to the flight attendants when I am done). And books. This year, I want to read 20 books. Fiction and non-fiction. It helps me disconnect from my reality, and give me ideas.

– I try to spend time outside every day. A swim in an outdoor pool. A boat trip on a river. A morning run outside. A glass of wine in my side yard in the evening. This is easier said than done, but it is worth the effort: being outside truly calms my mind.

– When I am extra stressed, or extra tired, I acknowledge it to myself and remind myself throughout that day that my overly passionate reactions to certain things are due to my own level of stress and fatigue, and not the reality of the situation.

– When I am really feeling overwhelmed, I cancel or reschedule two things during a week. Just to give myself a little bit more breathing room.

– My favorite Sunday morning includes coffee and a week planning session. Spending Sunday mornings planning means I avoid the “Sunday evening blues,” and the “Manic Monday mornings.” It is peaceful and productive.

(Note: Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.)

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