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DC’s Beauty Scene Improves With Maureen Choi’s Move To The Capital

I love a challenge. I particularly love the challenge of convincing New York City transplants that while DC may not be as big as the Big Apple, the Capital is certainly just as worthy of their love. This latest challenge presented itself in the person of Maureen Choi, freelance beauty and health writer, and former beauty editor for Glamour and Marie-Claire. This would not be an easy task. My job is not yet done, but over lunch first, and then drinks more recently, this project is fast underway. I will suggest that our next meeting take place at Rosa Mexicana, for fries, mayo, and lots of margaritas (read below…)…

AP: What city were you born in? MC: Sunny L.A.
AP: What city to do you live in? MC: Swampy D.C.
AP: What is your astrological sign? MC: I’m a half human-half horse spirit, otherwise known as Sagittarius.
AP: What is something about you most people don’t know? MC: I’m freakishly good at tetherball. I owned the middle school playground.
AP: What is your #1 beauty secret? MC: Using the tiniest bit of face oil on my skin over my makeup to add a subtle, just-had-a-facial sheen. I’ll warm it up between my fingers first and press it into my cheekbones, forehead, and chin.
AP: What are your special diet tips, if any? MC: Everything in moderation works pretty well. And green tea. Lots of it.
AP: What do you do for exercise? MC: Vinyasa yoga, Pilates, and aisle creeping at Whole Foods.
AP: What is your favorite thing to eat and drink? MC: A kilo of fries with troughs of mayo and margaritas on the side.
AP: Botox or not? MC: Modern medicine is a beautiful thing. I say do whatever makes you feel better.
AP: What is your secret to work/life balance? MC: Tequila. Kidding (not really), I’ll go with unplugging from technology after 9pm.
AP: How many miles do you fly per year on average? MC: Not nearly enough. Raise your hand if you need a vacay!
AP: What are your three top tips for travel? MC: Bring half the stuff and twice as much money. Oh, and always, always use a Jason-style sheet mask on a long-haul flight.
AP: What is your worst pet peeve? MC: Lateness. Your cell phone has a clock, right?
AP: What professional beauty/fitness/wellness experts do you have on your speed dial? MC: Does Domino’s count? I’m a self-help kind of lady.
AP: What time do you usually wake up in the morning, and how many hours of sleep do you usually get? MC: 7A.M. I’m public enemy number one if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep.
AP: Who is your mentor? MC: Mama Choi. She’s the best.
AP: What is your skincare routine (products, facialists, etc)? MC: In the A.M., I’ve got my rinse with water (no cleanser)-vitamin C serum-moisturizer with SPF strategy down to 60 seconds flat. At night, it’s more of a double cleanse-essence-brightening serum-retinoid-moisturizer-facial mist for the win kind of skin party.
AP: What do you do to relax? MC: Inhale fries and margaritas (see above).
AP: Quote to live by. MC: Tomorrow is promised to no man. Also my own personal motto: Your face does not stop at your chin. So start paying attention to your dang neck and chest.
AP: Words of advice for young women starting their careers today. MC: Check your ego at the door. Better yet, leave it at home, because doing the crap work with a smile will always pays off.
AP: Describe your dream day. MC: Swedish massage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
AP: What makes you feel beautiful? MC: Turning that frown upside down.

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