Tinos reading list: 2017 edition


Every summer, I have the privilege of going to Greece for two weeks, and spending some R&R time on the island of Tinos, thanks to my maternal grandparents who fell in love with this island and bought a house here decades ago.

Time in Tinos is filled with sleep, sun, sand, swims, and reading. Just like I shared my reading list last year, I wanted to do so this year again. Here is what I will be reading in the next 12 days.

  1. All by myself, alone by Marry Higgins Clark. I love this author, she is my guilty pleasure, I have read all of her books. I will start this on the plane to Athens, which will be the official start of my vacation.
  2. The little book of hygge by Meik Wiking. I keep hearing about Hygge and don’t know how to pronounce this word, or what it is. I am about to find out.
  3. Femmes hors normes by my Mom Barbara Polla. One of Mom’s books always makes it on this reading list…
  4. River, cross my heart by Breena Clarke. This is our next book club book (and was recommended by Oprah.)
  5. Buyology by Martin Lindstrom. I am trying to figure out how to encourage people to buy more Alchimie!
  6. The power of habit by Charles Duhigg. I read Smarter, faster, better by him earlier this year and have heard him speak – and I look forward to this second book.
  7. A piece of the world by Christina Baker Kline. I needed one more fiction book to balance all of this non-fiction – and a friend recommended this one.
  8. The 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferris. This is the second time this book comes with me to Greece. I started it years ago but never finished it. It think it’s time.
  9. And of course, the latest issues of my favorite industry magazine, WWD Beauty Inc.

On that note, I’m off to the beach with my book!


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