This is 40

As I sit in my Georgetown office with a cup of coffee on this crisp fall morning, my phone beeping every few minutes with a new call, text, or social media note wishing me a happy birthday, I am happy, grateful, and excited. Today is my 40th birthday, and it feels fabulous and free.

I have so many reasons to be grateful.

I work in an industry that makes people feel better about themselves, surrounded by team members that I have the privilege of coaching and mentoring. My skin care brand is growing in sales and visibility, I am working with my sisters on a new spa project in Lausanne, and I contribute to my husband’s family business. Thank you for the opportunity to do work I love, which often doesn’t feel like work.

I am surrounded by girlfriends who help me be my best self. I am in a four-person accountability group who weekly keeps me focused on the right things, working on the right things. I am in the most amazing book club where we discuss the books we read, and also life, love, marriage, children, and more. I have girlfriends who take me to Wizards games on my birthday eve, I have girlfriends who come with me to SoulCycle at 6 am on my birthday morning. Thank you for your friendship.

I have a husband who understands me like no one else does. He understands that today, I wanted to wake up in my own bed, alone. He understands I need solitude and quiet time by myself. He understands living together in the traditional way husbands and wives do would not work for me. He understands I don’t want children and love being a step-mom to his son and a godmother to five amazing kids. And he respects those desires, embraces them. Thank you for your unconditional love.   

I can’t remember what I used to think it would be like to be 40. But I never thought it would feel this good.

As I look forward to this next decade and beyond, I am reminded of the advice and notes of a few people.

  • One’s career peaks around 42. I can’t wait to test that theory!
  • Your forties feel free. I can already feel it…
  • Your body changes. Embrace it, accept it, and adjust your strategies as need be. This I need to work on.
  • Your eyes will start to see things differently. Yep, my driver’s license now says I need glasses to drive.
  • Add a retinol serum to your routine and spend one more minute on your beauty routine. Luckily I am testing a retinol formulation for Alchimie and more time with my skin care products has never been a problem!

If you have any words of wisdom about embracing this 4th decade, please comment below!

7 thoughts on “This is 40

  1. Fantastic Forty… Evergreen !! 40 is the perfect age to reflect on one’s life with humor, gladness, and high expectations of upcoming life events.
    Remember you’re not 40, you’re 18 with 22 years’ experience.
    You and wine have plenty in common. Like wine, you get more and more delicious every year — certainly more priceless…
    Don’t imprison yourself in thoughts of how life has gone by. Free yourself in the hope of what lies ahead.
    Congratulations on turning 20 with an extra 20 years of experience
    Life does begin at forty…..Maturity and wisdom are great assets to have, but they are useless if you don’t unburden your life’s liabilities with smiles and laughter.

  2. Forty is an age when everything comes together. Life choices, outlook, beauty, friendships, personal power — everything is working in harmony and getting better, bolder. And you are the perfect example of that Gorgeous! Happy birthday!

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