Brigadoon 2019

I am sitting in Salt Lake City airport with a breathtaking view of the snowy mountains, and a heart and head filled with the knowledge, connections, experiences of Brigadoon 2019, which took place over the last three days. When people ask me to describe Brigadoon, I respond with “it’s a conference on thinking.” The speakers are varied and non-industry specific, and the topics range from policy to personal development and everything in between.

As I continue to process everything I learned, here are some of the concepts swirling around in my brain.

From Marc Ross, Founder of Brigadoon.

Replace FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Meaning, it’s ok to do your thing, to take time off, to disconnect. It’s ok to say “no.”

From Brook Hazelton, Chairman, WineCredit.

The typical laws of supply and demand don’t necessarily apply to art market. An artist needs to be prolific to be able to command high prices at auction. Said another way, a large supply is typically needed for the artist to become famous enough to generate auction-level interest.

From Michael Rivera, Executive Director, Founder Central Marshall School of Business.

The magnetic pole of homophily: the tendency of people to seek out and be attracted to those similar to themselves. Our friends are like us, our business partners are similar to us. This is comfortable, but it is not optimal. Differences in backgrounds, cultures, opinions, education, and more, are additive to strategic thinking.

The magnetic pole of quality: equal is not necessarily always fair. People want fair.

From Kelsey Durkin, Director of Program Management, Personify.

Comfort is the enemy of growth. (Interestingly, this is a different way of saying that homophily is not optimal.)

Leaning into the pain is the only way through the pain.

From Wendy Jones, writer.

Purpose over pleasure. Working your purpose will lead to long-term happiness, whereas living your life with a focus on immediate gratification and short-term pleasure will not.

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