Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason so few engage in it. –Henry Ford

I am a doer. I love to-do lists, I love checking things off, I feel productive when I am in action. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that one of the most important things I can do is think. I have been thinking about thinking lately – if that is even possible. Thinking that I need to spend more time thinking. Really thinking. Thinking actively. I see my husband do that and so many great things come of it. I hear my best girlfriend Kassie remind me that I underestimate the power of my thoughts. I read emails from my father asking me if I am making enough time to think – he calls it “tea-time.”

And in cleaning up an old pile of papers from my office today I came across an old, tattered photocopy with the following:



Few things possess more Power than a Thought.

Because a Thought has the potential

To become something significant.

To solve something meaningful.

And to inspire us to achieve great things.

What makes a Thought so powerful

is that it can be create by anybody.

At anytime.

From anywhere.

That’s why Thinking should be encouraged

and nurtured in all its forms.

No matter how small.

Or how impossibly grand.

Because wherever Thinking happens,

Big Ideas follow.

Minds become enlightened.

Knowledge grows.

And people discover new ways to unlock their


So start Thinking.”


There is no attribution so I don’t know who to thank for this timely reminder. Perhaps the Universe?