My last blog post about accountability prompted additional questions, not so much about the system of accountability, rather more personal questions about the types of goals that make on the weekly and quarterly lists.

Without getting too personal, here are some examples.

Weekly goals:

  • Staying within my calorie budget and exercising three times per week are on my goal list for each week; I succeed in the former about two thirds of the time, and in the latter 90% of the time.
  • Sales meeting and sales calls always make it on the list as they are the most important driver of my business.
  • I will also list eyebrow waxes or massages when relevant – self care is as important as my other duties.
  • And then I’ll put really boring annoying things on this list, things I always procrastinate about and hate to do – part of the purpose of accountability is to make sure I get these done. Bank reconciliations and inventory analysis are two examples that come to mind immediately.

Quarterly goals and annual goals are much bigger-picture. These are typically divided in large buckets, such as personal, family, Alchimie, writing, and for 2015 included launching into a new distribution channel nationwide (done!), being a better sister (as NYE photos indicate, this is done – although truly it is an ongoing project!), and blogging regularly (I did not quite make my 2 blogs per week goal last year, this is going back on the list for this year).

I should add one more note. In addition to these lists of goals, we also each have two lists that serve more as a reminder.

One is “things that make me happy” – this list (also known as the “things to do more of list”) is extremely powerful when having a bad day. Looking at what is listed is a reminder of all of the possibilities, and sometimes provides an immediate solution to a bad day. For example on my happy list is running and SoulCycle. Seeing this on the list when I feel grumpy ensures I go for a run later that day, and helps my mood.

The other is my “bucket list.” Things I want to achieve, have, do in my lifetime. 2015 was amazing in the sense that I got to check one item off this list: seeing the Patriots win the SuperBowl, live, with the duo of Belichick and Brady still intact.

Happy list making!