I feel naked without VoMor!

Almost a month ago to the day, I had VoMor hair extensions put in, as part of research for a work-related project. While I was less than thrilled at the idea of having another person’s hair in my head, I learned a lot from that experience, which I expected. As it turns out, I actually loved having the extensions in, which I far from expected.

First, I got more random compliments on my look this past month than ever before. People did not comment on how good my hair looked. They did not ask where I got my hair extensions put in, or even if I had hair extensions. People just said nice things such as “You look really good today.” Maybe I looked better because I felt more beautiful than usual.

Second, I did not feel the extensions at all. They didn’t itch, they didn’t snag, they didn’t feel like anything really – other than I was much hotter (in the temperature sense of the word) than before. Apparently, hair does keep you warm.

Third, they were much less high-maintenance than I had expected, or had been warned they would be. I only made two changes to my daily hair routine: to run, I had to trade my high ponytail for two braids; and I did blow dry my hair after each shampoo (but the low maintenance way, without a round brush, just using my fingers).

Yesterday, a week before I head to Greece to the salty sea (which can be damaging to hair extensions), I had the fabulous Scott Messina from Paris Parker remove them. As scared as I was to have him put them in, I was even more concerned about having him take them out. What if I really don’t look good with “just” my natural hair?

Scott had warned me: “You will get addicted to them.” And I did. I feel naked without them. I miss “my” hair. In the fall, after a summer of sea, river, and pool, I will be back for more. Who knew?!

I did it… VoMor Hair Extension System…

For the first time in my life, I have thick, full hair and I need hair clips of a larger diameter to put it all up.

Yesterday, I spent two hours at Paris Parker Salon in Hammond, LA, where the fabulous Scott Messina performed a VoMor Hair Extension System service for me. This appointment did not come without much angst… as those of you who know me know, I am the most low maintenance person when it comes to my hair. Indeed, until just a few years ago, I did not even own a hair dryer (and even today it lives at the bottom of my tool drawer, next to my drill). Yet as I am becoming more involved in the hair side of the beauty industry (thanks to my husband and his company, Neill-TSP), I thought I had to learn first-hand about this very trendy service. I did this all exclusively under the guise of research…

In addition to getting thicker, fuller hair, here is what I learned during these two hours spent in Scott’s chair:

1. VoMor is about “volume and more” and not merely about “mermaid hair” (which is what I have always thought about when thinking about hair extensions). I didn’t want extra length, I just wanted more body and more volume. Scott used 16 inch hair, but then cut the extensions to match my length, plus one inch. Just for fun, however, I had to snap a picture of me in full 16 inch hair…

2. Available in 29 colors, VoMor extensions are made to match Aveda hair color. Apparently, some women want to have my exact hair color, because even though I don’t color my hair, we found the perfect color match.

3. VoMor extensions are super comfortable. Somehow I thought I would feel like I was wearing a wig. But truly, I don’t feel anything. This type of extension is known as “tape extensions,” which is best for your hair as it won’t damage it, pull it out, or snag it.

4. While I do find it strange that I am in effect wearing another woman’s hair (yes, this is human hair, and yes, I try not to think about this too much), I don’t have to worry about how this hair was collected. Apparently, human hair is quite a prized resource and collecting it for use in our industry is not always done in the most ethical or humane manner. Not so with VoMor. Not only is this the best quality hair on the market, it is also sourced humanely and ethically.

5. Fuller, thicker hair = more than “just” fuller, thicker hair. Fuller, thicker hair = more smiles, more sassy head movements, more of a spring in my step. While I have seen hair extension services performed on a few women in the past month, and have seen first hand the shift in attitude that comes with it, I now have personal experience in the matter. And it feels great.

Yes, this will require me to actually spend some time on my hair (no more air drying, I need to go dig out my hair dryer from my tool drawer), and yes this means I will wear my hair straighter than usual (extensions don’t come in “wavy”). Will this more high maintenance hair regimen mean I won’t want to keep these extensions in for the two months they are meant to stay in? Who knows… time will tell…