My word for 2021: Prioritize

At the end of every year, as I start to think about my New Year’s goals, I start by choosing one word. My word for the New Year. I love this tradition, it forces me to think big picture, before I get in the weeds of my resolutions list. 

This year, my word is prioritize




  1. designate or treat (something) as more important than other things.

“prioritize your credit card debt”

  1. determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance.

“age affects the way people prioritize their goals”

I chose this word in part as a reaction to 2020 – a year which for me was mostly reactive rather than proactive. To me, prioritizing involves an element of control, which I love. No matter what is going to happen this year, I am not going to let my priorities get derailed. Of course, they may shift, but that will be because I decide to shift them.  

I also chose this word because I tend to try to do everything, please everyone. And I can’t, or at least not well. So I am committing to the discipline of prioritizing, which involves not doing things or stopping doing certain things, which means sometimes saying “no.” With prioritizing also comes “deprioritizing.” 

I am still working on what exactly I am going to prioritize… here is a start: 

Getting better at Greek (I did not do a single Duolingo class in 2020….)

Feeling lighter and fresher (as I did last January, I am in the midst a 21 day cleanse and I am not giving up, no matter the political events… ) 

Reading more (2020 was hard on my reading… more on this in next week’s blog) 

Focusing my work time on profitable projects and partners 


And every day, when I wake up, I now start my day by thinking about my #1 top priority for that day. Only once I have decided what that is do I allow myself to look at my very long to-do list…  

Do you have a word for 2021? If so, please do share!