Cleaning out closets, Spring 2012 fashion trends

Every January, I like to clean out my closet. It makes me feel organized, it helps me plan my clothes and accessories purchasing for the first half of the year, and it means that usually I will wear some long-forgotten clothes during the first month of the year (shopping my own closet). This week, I organized my closet, with two new twists. I happened to do this the same week as the Fashion Group International of DC Spring Trends event, which was this past Tuesday at Tysons Galleria. I got a fabulous preview of spring 2012 trends, which further motivated me to clear out some space for a few new gorgeous pieces. The second twist is that for the first time in my life, I have coordinated hangers. I made the mistake of walking into The Container Store about two weeks ago, to buy just one item, and I got lost in the hanger aisle. $150+ later, I am the proud owner of a complete collection of Platinum Huggable Hangers. I never thought that good hangers could make such a difference in a closet, but now I can’t believe I waited so long. My closet looks better, my clothes aren’t slipping off the hangers. And, added benefit, I had to physically touch every hanging piece of clothing I own to switch its hanger. This made for a more thorough closet clean-out. And thorough closet clean-out + springs fashion trends = I have my shopping list ready.

  1. More boots. This may be left over from fall, but with a single pair of black boots, I need to invest in this department. At the same FGI event mentioned above, I found fabulous olive-colored Chloe Gold Accent boots on sale (which usually wouldn’t sway me, but Chloe….).I still need rain boots, and I would like them in plum color please. Thank you Simply Soles. For this DC winter weather, I definitely need a pair of real winter boots; I am fascinated by the Caribou nubuck leather and rubber ones by Sorel.
  2. With boots come tights. I am not a fan of tights, I feel so strongly about not liking tights I even blogged about it a long time ago. But, tights are necessary it seems (I have stubbornly tried my black boots with dresses and no tights in the winter, with no positive results). Hue opaque tights it is. I’ll stick with black, I am not ready for their Deep Red or Aubergine selections.
  3. Spring 2012 will be filled with color, color that pops, jewel tones. Specifically tangerine and deep turquoises. Trina Turk exemplifies this perfectly in this dress. If not that one, I will definitely add a jewel-toned short dress to carry me from day to night this spring.
  4. The LWD is taking over the LBD. White is back, I can’t wait to wear more of it. My choice, Jason Wu for Target, I am in love with this white dress. It comes in black too, I might have to get both.